Why Your Skin Type Matters For Microblading

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When you’re considering a microblading procedure you may be wondering about the different factors that make a difference in the way your finished product will turn out. At Glam It by Vanessa, our team is committed to providing our clients with the best possible results. This includes sharing our expertise and educating our clients on different skin types and advising them which microblading service may be best for their skin type.

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Different Types of Skin

Skin type is determined by the texture and amount of oil that naturally occurs on ones skin. There are five primary types of skin: oily, dry, normal, combination, and sensitive. Those that notice a ‘sheen’ on their skin, even without using moisturizer or other products would be luckily referred to having oily skin. Dry skin is just that, drier, and can even become flaky or ashy if not moisturized. Whereas combination skin is somewhere in between. People with this skin type have certain areas that are more oily while other areas are dry.

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Healing Process for Each

Skin type will make a difference in the healing process and the final outcome of your microblading appointment. Dry skin tends to heal faster and will hold on to the pigment from microblading better, while oily skin can take longer to heal and the pigments can take on a more blurred effect.

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Ensuring Your Brows Stay Beautiful

Regardless of skin type, our Microblading professionals work with our clients to understand their skin type and select a brow treatment that best suits their skin type. We then take the time to explain how the healing process works and chat through what the client can expect their end result to look like before starting the brow procedure. Once the procedure has been completed, our technicians will also provide instructions on aftercare to best ensure brows stay looking fresh and beautiful!

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