About Us

About Us

Created to help people achieve their beauty goals, Glam It By Vanessa offers a wide range of permanent makeup services. Whether you're looking for eyebrow microblading, permanent eyeliner, lip blushing, teeth whitening, scalp micropigmentation, or anything in between, our team of skilled professionals can help.

Our Permanent Makeup Artist

Vanessa comes with a tremendous amount of skills and experience. She is not just a Registered Dental Hygienist, but she's also a perfectionist when it comes to giving you the permanent makeup of your dreams! She takes her time from having a small consultation, to mapping your brows or lips, to make it the perfect shape and color.

Scalp Micropigmentation Artist

Jey - Papa Scalp, fascinated with learning this new art form. As an artist he realized the power of SMP and how it can change peoples lives for the better, giving the power to live confident, fulfilling, happy lives. After taking the time with an experienced artist, learning the skills to master the craft, Jey knew it was time to launch.

At Glam It By Vanessa, we offer a wide range of permanent makeup services to help you achieve your beauty goals. Our team of skilled professionals can help you with everything from eyebrow microblading, permanent eyeliner to lip blushing to teeth whitening. Contact us today to learn more about our services or to schedule a consultation.

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