bald man receiving Skin Micropigmentation ink

SMP - Before and Aftercare


7 days prior to your procedure exfoliate the area to remove any excess dead skin. Use a loofa or exfoliating mitt to slough away dead skin cells. Daily, cleanse with a gentle cleanser and moisturize the scalp to keep the skin hydrated. Cut your hair as required the day before your procedure. Do not take any anti - inflammatory the day of your procedure.


DAY 1-2: DO NOT TOUCH OR RUB THE AREA. Do not use any soaps or shampoos in the shower, just wipe gently with the distilled water provided, morning and evening. Only wear clean hats/toques to prevent the spread of infection. Remember this is an open wound! No pools, long showers with excessive water, direct sun exposure or excessive sweating (exercise).

DAY 3-6: You can get the are wet, and cleanse gently with a mild cleanser. No exfoliating. Pat dry. No pools, excessive water running through the head, direct sun exposure or excessive sweating (exercise).

DAY 7+: To prevent the ink from fading it is recommended to wear a SPF 50 in the sun and stay away from exfoliating ingredients like Retinal's, AHA's, Glycolic and Lactic Acids. Cleanse and moisturize daily.