4 Ways to Prepare for Your Microblading Appointment

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If you have a microblading appointment coming up, congratulations! You’re one step closer to getting the effortlessly beautiful, natural-looking brows that you love. At Glam It by Vanessa, we’re here to help with four tips on how to prepare for your microblading appointment.

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Natural Skin

Before your appointment, be sure to keep your natural, unaltered skin ready and hydrated! This means that you should avoid tanning, tinting, and of course, sunburn on your face for three days leading up to your procedure. This will help to ensure that the microblading pigment stays in your skin properly and that your technician can ensure the right color for your brows.

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Stop Taking Certain Medicines or Supplements

For two days before your procedure, avoid taking any medications or supplements that may affect your body’s ability to heal or create blood clots. These medications include aspirin, niacin, vitamin E, fish oil, CoQ10, and ibuprofen. If you need to take these medications for health reasons, discuss your needs with your technician before your appointment.

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Nourish Yourself Properly

One of the most important parts of preparing for your appointment is to get your body ready to handle the procedure. Be sure to eat a nourishing, calorie-filled meal and avoid caffeine and alcohol the day of your appointment. These two substances not only affect your body’s ability to heal, but may increase your likelihood of bleeding during your procedure.

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Be Well-Rested and Ready for a New Look!

Last, but not least, you should ensure that your body is ready to handle a microblading procedure by getting enough sleep the night before your appointment. With all these preparations, you’ll find that you feel healthy and rested, so you can get excited about your new brows!

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